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Our asset management services give you financial freedom and allow you to enrich your life

Invico Asset Management Ltd specialises in managing the assets of private investors and companies whose assets are deposited with one or more Swiss banks. Our innovative investment strategy and resources give our clients optimum access to and a presence on the financial markets – at attractive conditions.

We have been operating as an independent Swiss company for almost 25 years. This gives you a free choice of your own bank and investment products that suit you.

In addition to asset management and investment advisory services, we also provide clients with family office services.

The ability to access first-class Swiss and international banks allows INVICO-Asset to successfully invest its clients’ assets across generations internationally – in accordance with their risk profile.

You work hard for your money – we ensure that your money works hard for you.

In addition to our investment activities, we also assist our clients in issues such as estate and tax planning, as well as company start-ups, by working together with external specialists.

«We have been successfully managing the assets of families and companies for almost 25 years.»

Swiss investment expertise für our clients

Thanks to the global network we have established in the international financial market, Invico Asset Management Ltd is able to pick up attractive investment opportunities for our clients. INVICO-Asset attaches great value to providing personalised and uncomplicated support for all wealth-related matters.

INVICO-Asset assists across generations – we are here to assist.

In addition to families, our client base includes younger, experienced and successful professionals who are strongly committed to their careers. They do not have the time to manage or worry about their assets, so it is important for them to know that they have an experienced and independent financial advisor at their side.

Our loyal, long-standing clients are companies and institutions that have entrusted their cash and treasury management to professional hands.

How do we operate?

We take your risk profile and expectations and develop with you an investment strategy tailored to your needs. You are involved in the implementation of the strategy and in investment decisions. You benefit from our independence (we are not a bank) and our product neutrality i.e. only investments meeting your goals will be made.

«We establish a close and personal working relationship with our clients»

Our investmentbasis is global

INVICO investment specialists are constantly analysing the financial markets and looking for interesting investment products for our clients. Once we have identified and thoroughly analysed such investment opportunities, we emply our successful INVICO® 3-stage model as investment tool. Each individual portfolio is tailored to meet the client’s personal risk profile.

«We make investments where our clients will earn money - this by using this balanced investment strategy of the INVICO® 3-stage model.»

A successful investment model that provides security – the INVICO® 3-stage model

For almost 25 years, our finely balanced INVICO® 3-stage model has been helping our clients to achieve wealth and security. Every strategy agreed upon with the client is implemented to optimum effect



Mid and small caps in Switzerland, Europe, the US and Japan, emerging market equities, and investments in commodities.


Build up stage

Equities from companies with high market capitalisation from industrialised nations (mainly blue chips).



Money market, bonds (including convertible bonds), Swiss real estate funds and real estate companies.

«The INVICO® 3-stage model has proven its worth over the decades.»

INVICO Asset Management Ltd does not have a power of attorney for your bank account, or access to your assets in your custodian account. This deliberate separation of the power forms the basis for an ideal working partnership, both with the client and with the custodian bank holding the securities.

We maintain an exemplary personal dialogue with our clients. The close relationship between clients and INVICO-ASSET is characterised by regular individual contact.

Regular comprehensive reporting. The INVICO-Asset Report is clear and transparent. Thanks to the integrated INVICO® 3-stage model, investors are provided with immediate updates on the performance of their assets. This ensures a clear overview of the investment strategy and performance at all times.

«Trust is important to us, so we understand the importance of a clear and simple reporting system.»

Our team of analysts provides regular updates on current market trends and the impact these trends will have on portfolios. INVICO-Asset always provides unbiased recommendations and advice. We are not interested in making a large number of transactions or earning brokerage commission. As an independent asset manager, we look for investment opportunities that are in line with your personal interests and investment profile.

«Our independence helps us to first and foremost protect the interests of our clients.»

INVICO Asset Management Ltd is subject to Swiss financial supervisory law and, as a member of the VQF Financial Services Standards Association, is supervised by this organisation on behalf of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

VQF number10021
LEI number 5067002R37KQG58K0P17